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Welcome to Evertwine - a world full of opportunities!

Choose your allegiances carefully and find your place in the community. Evertwine is a free to play trading card game that uses blockchain technology which means that you actually own the cards you play with. 

Whether you are learned in the ways of blockchain mechanics and card games or are just a novice, there is a place for you here. The rich world of the game will keep you entranced while you find your own path through it.

Collect cards, battle, and trade with other players. And the best part of it – paywalls will not stop you from experiencing the full scope of the game.

Write Your Own Story!


No more Pay-to-Win! Start playing for free and improve your skills to uncover all the possibilities Evertwine has to offer.

Choose Your Own Path

Climb the ranks by defeating other players in PvP or enjoy exploring the world and play against creatures and NPCs in PvE.

Evergrowing World

Every season brings new tournaments, cards and rewards. Discover your potential, build your perfect deck and earn valuable prizes.

How to get involved with Evertwine?

  • You can carve your name in Evertwine history by downloading the game and getting a head start over the competition! 

  • Become a part of our growing Evertwine community by joining our Discord server.

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